Jenny Bradford's Designs For Teddy Bears

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Jenny Bradford's Designs for Teddy Bears, Milner Craft Series, softcover, published 1996.

This book presents exciting designs for one of the most popular crafts - teddy bear making! Jenny has not only designed the bears, she has dressed them and created embroidery and sewing projects using bear motifs.

Bear making: here are instructions to make beautiful mohair and fabric bears of three diffferent sizes - 18cm, 25cm and 36cm, as well as a tiny bear, 14cm, and miniature bears, only 9cm in height.

Teddy Togs: here are easy patterns for dressing bears, including knitted, crochet and sewn garments for girl and boy bears.

Embroidery and Sewing Designs: here are applique and fabric painting on clothing, as well as gifts for real people; embroidery designs on picture and pillow; wonderful bear brooches, both knitted and sewn; and cross-stitch designs featuring sporting teddies.

Like all of Jenny Bradford's books before, this volume contains a wealth of information, projects and detailed instructions.