Top Tips

Using Eyelets

To use eyelets you will need a hole punch and a universal setter. Using a hammer and the hole punch, make the hole where you want to place your eyelet. Place the eyelet in the hole and turn over the cardstock/paper so the front of your eyelet is face down. Place the universal setter in the back of the eyelet and hit several times with the hammer until the eyelet has flattened and is secure.

Note: Aluminium eyelets require only a gentle hammering while some of the shaped eyelets, made from brass, can be hit harder to set.

Using Spellbinders Dies in the Cuttlebug Machine

How do I use a Spellbinders die to cut in the CuttleBug?

Create a sandwich in the following order from the bottom up: 
1. A plate. 
2. C plate. 
3. Spellbinders die (cutting side or ridged side up). 
4. Paper or cardstock. 
5. B plate. 
6. Run through Cuttlebug machine.

* If embossing right after cutting remove the C Plate for embossing sandwich.

How do I use a Spellbinders Die to emboss in the CuttleBug?
You will need a Spellbinders Tan Embossing Mat to emboss in the Cuttlebug machine. Create an "embossing sandwich" using the following, stacking from the bottom up.

1. Place A plate on bottom. 
2. Leave die face up on A plate with die cut still in the die. 
3. Place one Spellbinders Tan Embossing Mat on top of the die. 
4. Use 2 or 3 pieces of cardstock to shim (create a little more bulk).

*Cautionary Note: Using more than 3 pieces of cardstock to shim Cuttlebug embossing sandwich will result in B plate breakage. When using Spellbinders Edgeabilities card making dies, shim with only 2 pieces of cardstock. 
5. Place two acrylic B plates on top of the sandwich and run through the Cuttlebug machine to emboss Spellbinders die cuts. 
6. Turn die over and use like a stencil with inks and chalks for added detail. 

Cuttlebug Tips and Techniques

*For an interesting card effect, you can ink your embossing folders by using either a brayer or by rubbing the ink pad straight onto the inside of your folder. Do not use a permanent ink - use an ink such as Brilliance, which will wash off easily afterwards. The raised embossed area of the design will remain white and the background will be inked.

*Another way of using ink with the folder is to emboss your folder as per normal and then use a sponge to dab into you ink pad and then over the embossed card, which will put ink on the embossed bits. You can also chalk over the embossed area.