Zig H2O Water Brush Pen Large Tip

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This portable water brush provides the perfect way to blend and add watercolour effects to any project. To use, just fill the barrel with water and paint away. The Zig water brush pen can be used with any water-based marker pen and water-based ink pads. The water pen will dilute the colouring result for an overall stunning watercolour finish. Great for colouring in your stamped images or adding a watercolour effect to your papercraft projects. A must-have for all rubber stampers and scrapbookers. Use with watercolours, markers, chalks and more! TIP: If tearing mulberry paper, the brush pens are great for using to paint a wet line prior to tearing. This technique creates a feathered look on the mulberry paper. To use the pen, fill with water. Adjusting pressure on the squeeze barrel will control water flow for a drier or wetter palette. This is a must-have tool.