Create a Travel Scrapbook

Scrapbooking your holidays is one of the most satisfying things you can do.
It gives you a chance to display your travel photographs in an interesting way and then relive your journey every time you look at your efforts. It also allows you to share your experiences with others in a way they can connect with through your photos, titles and journalling.

We have a fabulous range of travel papers, stickers, embellishments and more to help make your travel scrapbook the best it can be.

Here’s a few tips on travel scrapbooking:

*When you’re away, keep any tickets for travel on trains, ferries, buses etc as they look amazing displayed with your photographs on pages. They also serve as a date reminder so you’ll always remember when photographs were taken when you have a ticket reference on your page.

*You take a nice photo at a restaurant and then later can’t remember the name of it or what you had. Get a business card, which can also be added to a layout. On the back of it, jot down what you ate so when you come to do your layout you can add a bit of journalling if you like. If it was a stunning meal you can make a recommendation to any friends travelling to the same place you’ve been and they will be delighted.

*When you take photos, snap the name of the museum/landmark you’ve been to that can act as a title for your page instead of having a lettering one. Also, it helps you to remember where you’ve been if you are visiting a number of cities or towns.

*Use maps like a background paper and adhere to cardstock. Then mount your photos on them. Very cool. You can also use maps to make envelopes to hold your travel souvenirs.

*Try to keep the odd coin from your travels as these make great embellishments on pages.

*If you have a lot of photos on one topic, use a grid/collage layout to feature them all.

*If the weather was rubbish or you didn’t get the photographs you really wanted, grab a few postcards from the place you’re visiting. You can easily mix and match postcards and photos in your layouts.

*Try to pick up something that encapsulates the area you’ve visited - it could be a specialty beer label, a candy wrapper that is local to the area or a beautiful scrap of fabric. Add these to your work.

*Make sure you take a journal to write in each day when you’re travelling and make a note of anything special you have collected to go with photos on a particular day. It only takes a couple of minutes to do this and means you’ll be organised when you get home and put it all together.

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