Twinkling H20s Pewter

Twinkling H20s, from Luminarte, 10g of shimmering watercolour paint.

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Twinkling H20s, from Luminarte, are a shimmering watercolour paint which can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper and cardstock, wood, plastic and even eggs. They are wonderful for many altered art projects. The paint cakes can be moistened and the paint used direct from the pot, or the colour can be blended and mixed on a plate. The colours are strong and vibrant and can be blended with water for lighter shades. Twinkling H20s can be applied using paint brushes or direct to the rubber stamp and stamped onto paper or cardstock. Ways that Twinkling H20s can be used: As backgrounds for stamping projects, which can then be stamped on; to colour in rubber-stamped images; applied over embossed images; added to wet paper to create a soft image; painted onto dark papers for a dramatic look.

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